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The escape room located in Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK


The Real Escape is a unique live action “exit game” for groups of between two and six people.

Locked in a room, you must solve hidden clues to find a way out.

The clock is ticking so you will need to work together – and along the way you’ll find out a lot about each other.

The Real Escape is suitable for friends and family groups, higher education students and as a team-building exercise for businesses.

Getting in is easy. Together you can find a way out.

For last-minute availability and tickets please call 02392351890 or 07341979776

Who can play this live escape game

The Real Escape is a fun, safe but challenging exit game that requires co-operation, lateral thinking and plenty of brainpower!

The game does not contain adult themes and is not frightening in any way but because of the challenging nature of the puzzles we recommend that players are aged 14 or over.

At least half of the team must be adult aged 18 or over.

The game takes around an hour to complete and we recommend taking in part in groups of between three to six people.

The Real Escape is a great way to bond with friends and family – and to test how well you get along!

You’ll find out new things about people you’ve known for years and see how easy or hard it is for you to work together.

Concentrate, combine forces and think your way out of the escape room.


Get in, team up, get out… Unlock your team’s potential by taking part in The Real Escape with your colleagues. This superb team-building exercise will test relationships and help you find out more about people you think you already know well.

Who’s the best listener? Who’s the most inquisitive? Who works best in a team? Find out by playing The Real Escape.
Learn lessons that you won’t find in lectures by taking on The Real Escape with fellow students.

The game tests teamwork, cognitive ability and lateral thinking - all qualities that you need for your studies.

The clues are there. You just need to find the answers.
You have 60 minutes to find the mission data before the enemy’s demolition team destroys this place.
The lives of our agents depend on you.
Deep within a shipwrecked flagship lies the Captain’s Cabin. The door swings shuts behind you and it’s just you and your team-mates under the deck.

It’s up to you to think your way out. Together you can find a way.
Enter the Wormhole and face 22 Challenges in One Hour to Find the Elixir of Immortality and Return Back to Tell the Tale!
Enter The Mind of Dr. Ryddle and Find Your Way Out with Answers, All Within An Hour!
The team-building, head-scratching “escape” experience that
comes to your business!
Brand new for June, July and August! Four head-scratching new challenge boxes to be solved each month. Play any part on its own or complete the whole MindSet Trilogy for a special reward!The team-building, head-scratching “escape” experience that
comes to your business!



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  • The escape room is designed to be played by teams of five players. We ask that a minimum of two and a maximum of six players take part at a time.

  • At least half of the team must be adult aged 18 or over. Players should be aged 14 or older.

  • The Real Escape does not tolerate the use of alcohol, illegal drugs or “legal highs”. Players judged to be under the influence of these substances will be banned from the game.

  • It is forbidden to damage or vandalise furniture, items of the exit game or accessories and players must bear the cost of any intentional damage caused.

  • Personal belongings including jackets, mobile phones, bags and keys remain the player’s responsibility while on site and The Real Escape Ltd takes no responsibility for lost or stolen items. We provide a safety lock facility in the reception hallway for guests to store their belongings and each player will be given a key.

  • Surprise and mystery are important elements of the experience at The Real Escape, and for this reason the taking of photographs is not permitted inside the game areas. However, if you would like to take photographs in our reception area to share with your friends on social media, we are more than happy for you to do so!

  • We are planning to make alterations to the building as soon as we can in order to make The Real Escape suitable for everyone who wants to visit.

  • Our escape rooms are not recommended for people with learning disabilities and people who suffer from claustrophobia or epilepsy are not advised to participate in the games.

  • Players will be monitored so that our staff can open the door immediately in the event of a problem. There is also a green emergency button next to the entrance door.

  • The Real Escape reserves the right to stop the game at any point if game guidelines or safety regulations are breached.


To find out everything you need to know about The Real Escape, read our FAQs here


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Parking info

Cascades Shopping Centre car park (multi-storey and outdoor), Portsmouth, PO1 4RL – 4 minute walk

Parking Info

From both the multi-storey and outdoor cascades shopping centre car parks, follow the Cascades. Approach towards the main A3 road. Cross the road at the traffic lights by Landport View and continue right until you reach Andrew Bell Street. Turn down the first right, into the small car park. You will see the entrance to The Real Escape Ltd on the right.

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