If you have never heard of escape games before, then you are truly missing out on a lot of fun, excitement and some serious learning. Confused? Let us explain.

Escape rooms or escape games are a type of interactive games that allows a team of players to work together in order to escape a room or situation where they are stuck. They must do this in a way that all members of the team help each other to the best of their capabilities in order to survive. This is the reason these games are excellent for building teamwork and harmony among colleagues, partners, family members, friends, and classmates.


Escape rooms were developed a long time ago but are gaining widespread popularity now because of the changing landscape of how businesses and organizations manage their employee life cycle. With escape rooms, people learn to put their differences and individual personalities aside in order to achieve a specific goals and come out winners at the end. What’s more, the unique skills of each person comes into the game and helps in resolving problems that might not otherwise have been possible for a single individual.

So, this was all about the “what” of the escape game rooms. The question that might still be hovering in your mind as a teacher, family head, manager, CEO or simply someone looking for some way to spend a day productively is this, why is it good for us? The answer to this question is simple. Because it is fun, it teaches about how you can work together for the greater good and it is the perfect way to spend a constructive day with people you like.

Let us now look at how teamwork is enhanced and promoted through escape room games.

Goal Determination and Achievement

The first thing that is benefited in terms of achieving excellent teamwork skills is goal determination and the will for its achievement. The team has to decide what their goal is and then devise out a plan about how they will achieve it. This needs to be categorically worked out with each individual step considered. It allows all the team members to contribute what they know best and find out what are their best skills in order to succeed.


Efficient communication is must in teamwork, without which the whole purpose is lost. If the team is not able to communicate with each other, they are goners. With escape games, the team learns to communicate about what they think needs to be done and how they can go about doing it. Even if there are some people who are shy or don’t really speak much, they get a chance to voice out what their opinions are on the best way to make the escape.

Reliance and Trust

This is perhaps one of the most important thing the team of players learn, learning to rely on each other and trusting one another’s decisions. They must have faith in what the other says and leave certain aspects to each other in order to reach until the end and come out as successors. This is what escape games teach them.

These are some of the key benefits that teams and learners gain when they are involved in escape games. Find out more about escape games and rooms, and team building in Portsmouth by getting in touch with us.