Halloween Promo escape room

Ask any child what the best part of Halloween is, and most will tell you one word – CANDY! Move from spot to spot and find some hidden treats left for you by a surly sea captain, a crafty scientist, or celestial protectors (or your friendly Games Master!). You can trick or treat without leaving the room! Come join us on Halloween and release your inner child.
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We love to see how clever our teams are, so we’ve come up with an idea to get you in the spirit – have your ENTIRE team in full fancy dress when you come in to do one of our rooms, then the next time you come, get an additional 20% off! We’re talking full-bodied, more-than-a-headband-or-just-a-moustache-drawn-on-your-face, spooktacular costumes.

1st Fact

The jack o’lantern tradition originated in Ireland with Stingy Jack who managed to trick the devil. According to the myth, it all started with a drink the two shared. Stingy Jack refused to pay for the beverages and convinced the devil to morph himself into a coin so they can pay with it. However, once the devil transformed himself into it, Jack put the coin in his pocket next to a cross. Because of that, the devil could not go back to his original form and was freed only once he agreed to leave Jack alone for one more year and promised not to take his soul to Hell should he die a year later.

The following year Jack managed to trick the devil into climbing a tree on which he drew a cross that prevented him from going back down. In order to be freed, the devil agreed to leave Jack alone for 10 more years.

When Stingy Jack eventually died, he found out that he was not allowed in Heaven as God was not pleased with his behaviour. The Devil, who had been repeatedly tricked, kept his initial promise and refused to let him into Hell. Stingy Jack was doomed to roam the earth as a ghost for eternity. The Devil gave him coal to light his way through the dark nights, which Jack put in a carved-out turnip. He eventually came to be known as Jack of the Lantern or Jack O’Lantern.

The Irish started carving their own turnips and pumpkins which they displayed on their windows to scare away Stingy Jack or other evil spirits. Throughout the years, this came to be one of the most popular traditions of All Hallows Eve.

2nd story

Did you know that this spooky holiday is dated back to thousands of years ago to the Samhain festival which was celebrated by the Celtic people? They believed that on that day spirits of the dead could roam the earth freely.

3rd Fact

One of the most common and representative aspects of Halloween are the variety of costumes worn by children and adults. These costumes are dated back to the beginning of Halloween. As the Celts believed that on the 31 st of October the spirits of the dead were roaming the earth freely, they thought they needed protection from the evil ghosts. As a result of that, the Celts have started dressing up as the spirits they believed were coming back to the living world. In doing so, they thought the spirits would either be scared of the dressed-up humans or tricked that they were evil creatures as well. This tradition was kept as Halloween became a holiday across the world and now you can spot spooky costumes at every corner on All Hallows’ Eve.

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