Happy Birthday!

To celebrate your birthday here at The Real Escape, we are offering free personal admission if you are joining a team that has a booking within 3 days of your birthday. For example, if you’d like to come as a group of 5, simply book and pay for 4 people, then when you arrive for your booking you’ll be asked for a valid ID with an appropriate birthday. While we are pleased to offer this, please keep in mind the room occupancy limits for safety reasons, such that if a room’s maximum occupancy is 6 people, the maximum allowed in the room will still be 6 and not 7 people. Please see T&C’s for more details.
You can book your game here!

T&C: Dates valid three (3) days before, after, and on the redeemer’s day of birth. Only valid one redemption per room booking. The redemption of this offer cannot result in exceeding the maximum room occupancy as stated in the room details on the website. If you would like to book a room for a total of two (2) persons, then simply book for two and when paying please use the promotion code: mybirthday – this promotion code is only valid on two person bookings and cannot be used to on any other number of persons booking. The “mybirthday”  promotion code will result in a discount of 50% (the equivalent of only having paid for one person booking). The usage of this promotion code does not negate the requirement of showing a valid ID with an appropriate day of birth.
Promotion valid for bookings made after 2nd of August 2019.

We look forward to celebrating your Birthday soon!

Warmest regards
The Real Escape Team