The Real Escape – MindSet!

MindSet is a set of challenges that can be set up anywhere, whether it be your office or a chosen venue. Players work together to crack clues to solve each puzzle.

The Real Escape team comes directly to your venue, the entire experience is hosted by our professional Games masters. Teams work together or go head to head to solve as many Mind Set Games as possible.

Each event can be tailored precisely to your individual needs. We are able to provide music in the way of DJ, we have mobile Caterers and can also provide a photographer to capture all of those fun moments.

The Real Escape has had thousands of players through its doors since it launched in 2016, giving us fascinating insights into leadership, collaboration, problem-solving and collective thinking.

Who is the best listener? Who takes ownership? Who is a real leader?

Playing MindSet is not only a fun, team bonding experience, it can help identify team members’ strengths, attitudes and test the ability of your staff to collaborate.

We help you build a stronger team, our team building games are scientifically designed to let teams get to know each other better and to create a united company..
Our offer:

• Up to 12 unique and perplexing challenges
• Suitable for any size business, SME up to large corporate – from 5 up to 250 players
• Hosted by a highly experienced and professional Gamesmasters
• Personally tailored Solution
• The MindSet Mobile escape experience can be delivered anywhere across the UK,

For a bespoke quotation to suit your business event.

The Real Escape are able deliver find out more, call us on 02392351890, 073419 79776 or use our contact form.



“MindSet from The Real Escape was great fun but it also gave us a real insight into how our team works together. We would recommend it to any business.”

– John Smith


What is MindSet?

The Real Escape – MindSet is a unique set of up to 12 challenges that comes to your office or venue. Players work together to solve clues – they must collaborate to succeed. It’s the ultimate team-building exercise!

How much does it cost?

The package is tailored to suit your business’s size,. We can supply up to 12 games, for between 5 and 250 players. Get in touch and we will create a MindSet experience unique to your business.

How much space does it need?

We can set up a smaller number of challenges in a meeting room or office. For larger events we will need a bigger space such as a conference room or staff canteen. Talk to us and let us help you decide where suits you best.

What do we have to do on the day?

Not a lot! We will need access to the space you are using around two hours before the game begins to set everything up. We take care of the rest, We manage the process from start to finish. All you and your team need to do is arrive prepared and mentally ready for the fun challenges head.

Where can you deliver MindSet?

We operate nationally and can support multi site locations.

How long is a MindSet session?

That depends on the number of players and the number of challenges that are required – anything from an hour to a full day. 5 Players should expect to play for an hour, 250 players wll be an all day event.

What happens if we get stuck?

The games are designed to be challenging but don’t worry – our Gamesmasters are experienced and if players really get stuck, they will offer a guidance and provide simply clues.

How do I book MindSet?

Get in touch by phone on 02392351890, 073419 79776 or through our contact form.

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