Though many escape rooms are aimed at adults and businesses, here at The Real Escape, we believe children can be valuable assets in most games. With one or two children per team, families can have a unique bonding experience with their young ones, and open their minds to a different way of thinking.

  1. Kids can adapt to their environment with greater ease, and become more comfortably involved in the activities presented to them. Not only is this a good skill to have when entering a completely new environment, it can help the grown-ups become more quickly comfortable in the room themselves.
  2. Children tend to be more inquisitive of the world around them, and this can lend a great hand when searching for clues and puzzle pieces around the room. With the kids scouring the rooms for clues, the grown-ups can work out the tricky puzzles.
  3. While adults can get into the habit of overthinking, children can help keep the thinking simple and straight-forward.
  4. They have a unique perspective of the world, both abstractly and physically. Having a little ‘un around may help you find clues hidden closer to the ground!

There are many advantages to bringing your kids along to play an escape room, and people of all ages and abilities will be able to find excitement and adventure inside our rooms.

At The Real Escape, we recommend at least half the team are adults, as these games are developed with adults in mind. While children can enjoy the game, they may struggle with some of the puzzles and connections, so it’s best to bring an adult along per child to help them avoid getting overwhelmed.

Please also be aware that at The Real Escape, we require at least one adult over 18 to be present for any game, and any teams with more than one child under 14 must have at least 2 persons over 18.