Escape games are experiences unlike any other entertainment available out there. Immersive, exciting, challenging, an escape game offers 60 minutes of something new and unique for you to try with your friends and family.

Going into something shrouded in mystery as much as an escape room can be a nerve-wrecking, and sometimes scary, time. You have no idea what you’ll be faced with, the elements of the room, the tasks that will be required of you – you’ll have no chance to prepare or research. That mystery can be part of the excitement, but as for anything, it definitely helps calm your nerves to know a little bit about what you’re about to encounter. So, here’s some information on what you could expect before and after your game, without spoiling the surprise;


Hopefully, when you turn up to your escape room, you’ll be ready to get stuck into anything that’s thrown your way. Still nervous? No problem! A games master will greet you and inform you of a few general points about an escape game – the time, the difficulty, maybe some handy tips if you’re brave enough to ask! After you’ve been welcomed into the building, you’ll be taken into the main lobby, so final checks can be made to make sure your room is in working order.

This is also where you’ll meet your personal Games Master! It’s important to know that this is the person that will be watching and listening into your every move in the room, to keep you safe and on the right track. Listen carefully to everything your Games Master tells you, as they’ll be discussing some vital stuff to make sure you’ll be all okay in the room. (Pay close attention to the rules, as breaking these can result in your game ending earlier than expected.) If you have any specific concerns, let your Game Master know and they’ll be sure to reassure you.

After hearing so many rules about the game, you may now be feeling even more nervous, but don’t worry! As long as you treat the room and your Games Master with care and respect, you’ll be sure to get the best experience possible! Games Masters are there to help you succeed, and they will always be there to give a nudge in the right direction.

Now the only thing to do is square your shoulders, hold your head up high and enter the room…


Huzzah! You’ve escaped! You and your team have beaten the room! Your hard work and brilliance have paid off! But what now?

Your Games Master will greet you and talk to you about your experience inside the room. Here you can discuss what you liked, what you enjoyed and anything else you might want to know. Afterwards, you’ll be presented with your time and, if you feel like it, a team photo!

So, as you can see, escape games aren’t scary at all! You’ll have all the help you need (and we’ll never leave you trapped in the room!)

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