Our ecape room players usually like adventures and history, so we wrote an article about the weapons of the middle ages for them to get to know more about medieval times…

The medieval ages began on the 5th and lasted until the 15th century. During this period there were numerous battles, and of course, though opposing forces had to fight with weapons in these battles. We call these weapons deadly armaments, and they can be grouped in a lot of categories: for example, by the location, the time period they were being used in, or which social group used them. If we talk about medieval weapons, we usually mention daggers, axes, swords, maces, battle axes, falchions, rapiers, katanas, and clubs. Katanas were used by samurai warriors in Japan, but the rest of the weapons mentioned above were used mostly in Europe. These weapons were effective at killing, slicing and blunting, essentially causing some kind of trauma to the opposing group’s members.

middle ages

The deadliest weapons were the gothic swords and the battle axes. With the advancement of technology, weapons advanced too, and nowadays every country army uses guns, aircrafts and ships to win the actual battle. A lot of people think that nobody cares about these medieval weapons anymore, but fortunately they are wrong. There are plenty of people who forge these medieval weapons and keep the traditions alive. In Hungary, Viktor Berbekucz is a forge master, and he crafts magnificent medieval weapons. You can find swords, daggers, battle-axes, pole armaments, and knives in his product range. You can order any of his products in his webshop: there are plenty of awesome medieval weapons for sale. You should check out Viktor Berbekucz’s shop, if you are interested.