The best businesses run like a well-oiled machine, with everyone being able to listen, get involved, and work together. And there’s only one activity that can test all those skills, as well as being fun for the whole company – an escape room. Whether you’re a new and growing business, or a well-established corporation, The Real Escape can accommodate your team.

Trapped in a room for 60 minutes, working together towards a single goal, escape rooms are the ultimate way to test and refine all the traits that are essential to a successful business. By having your team building event at The Real Escape, you can put yourself and your employees to the challenge to practice communication, organisation, delegation and leadership. Escape games are also great to see how your employees react under pressure, which is important for the best performance. The tasks and challenges they’re faced with will test everything from abstract thinking to mathematics, common sense and even simple logic – so there’s something for every business.

But it’s not just a test of your skills and abilities. Escape rooms are also great fun! It’s an activity that is different from anything else you’ve tried before, and your team will enjoy themselves as friends and colleagues, instead of just employees. They will make some unforgettable memories that will bring the whole team closer together. New employees will feel more comfortable with the team, and long-standing employees will feel re-energised.

If you’re still unsure, consider that escape rooms are also highly practical as an employer. Being able to have a total of 16 people across 3 games allows you to save time and resources by getting the whole team involved in just a one-hour activity. The Real Escape also offers a slight discount for multiple rooms booked, so you also save money.

If you want your team to participate in the unique and truly beneficial activity that is an escape room, book now.