Maids and men of honor often have the most difficult task when it comes to wedding planning and that is hosting a spectacular stag night/ hen do for their mates to end their old lives with a bang; thoroughly preparing them for their new lives ahead.

There’s a constant pressure to plan a great party; one that everyone will not only enjoy but will also remember for years to come. However, it’s very rare that people think outside the conventional box of bar hopping or hiring strippers making for a somewhat lukewarm experience overall for everyone involved.


So what’s the one thing that you can do that will not only make the stag night/hen do completely memorable, but will also be a thoroughly fun experience for the bride, groom and all the guests combined?

Plan the Real Escape, that’s what.

The Real Escape is an exciting yet equally challenging game that requires people to join heads and come together under one roof for one purpose which is to find a solution to open the lock and leave the room. It’s combining forces with one another and working in tandem to escape the locked room before the other participants do that raises the bar with this game and makes it so interesting.

The Real Escape is based finding the solutions to tricky problems that pave the way out of the maze of clues within the confines of a single room and is a perfect stag night/hen do activity because it brings people together and helps strengthen the existing bonds between them.

People can play in groups of three or six spread between three rooms creating an atmosphere of healthy competition with the stimulating challenge of breaking open the door. The elements of surprise and mystery that shroud the rooms are what make the game interesting, keeping everyone captivated and entertained while connected in working towards a common goal. This is essentially the purpose of a stag night/hen do in the first place.

The participants that can take part in the different games set up in different rooms which include the Chamber of the Deep, the Guardians of the Elixir or Dr. Ryddle’s Memories. Or they can even switch between the rooms after the requisite 60 minutes are up to try their hand at the other challenges.

Located in Portsmouth, United Kingdom, the Real Escape offers its patrons the chance to partake in something completely unusual and different from the contemporary party houses. What’s more, it even offers various packages, gift vouchers and offers to make the event even more exciting for everyone involved.