Yes, we have made it to the second year of our opening, and we have loved every day of it. It’s been such a pleasure welcoming in thousands of more players into our rooms, and thank you to every person we have seen walk through our doors.

This year has been an incredible one for us over at The Real Escape. We have seen the success of all of our games grow, and many more successful teams. Our Top Ten leaderboards have become home to new names, including the new #1 Time for Dr Ryddle’s Memories, Team ‘N-Tangos’ who finished the room in an incredible 33:23! May we also offer congratulations to Team ‘The Birthday Girls’ and Team ‘Superspuds of Southampton’, who have managed to retain their number one spot for another year in The Chamber of the Deep and The Guardians of Elixir, respectively.

We have also welcomed new staff members into The Real Escape this year! They have made fantastic additions to the crew, and they each bring their own flare of enthusiasm to the role. Our players and old staff alike have made the new guys feel at home, and they’ve filled their new roles perfectly. We are excited to see where another year with us will take them!

Throughout the last year, The Real Escape has also been working on many secret projects to deliver more immersive and unique games right to you. We can’t go into details right now, but we’re excited to share these projects with you and give everyone a new experience! Be sure to keep an eye out!

All in all, the last 365 days have been pretty great for us, and it’s all because of the skilful and amazing players we host in our rooms. This business would not be the same without everyone who played throughout the years, and to thank you all (and welcome new ones to us!) we are giving any booking made between March 26th and April 1st a huge 20% discount! Just use promo code ‘TRE2YEAR’ at the end of checkout to apply these savings.*

We hope to spend a third, even more successful year with all you players – looking forward to welcoming new faces and escape room veterans alike!

Thank you all so much for the joys of our second year, and we’ll see you soon!

*Please note this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.