In the break between summer and Christmas, there’s always the challenge to find an engaging, yet affordable, past-time for you and your family. With the weather quickly declining, summer sales ending, and school and work taking over everyone’s lives yet again, it’s always hard to find the time and place to spend some quality time together.

Here at the Real Escape, we truly believe that an escape game can be the perfect activity to choose this Autumn. It may not be as glamourous as a beach holiday, or as cheap as a hike through the woods, but it’s still an amazing way to get a little time as a family. Escape rooms require you to be locked in a small room together, so it’s a great way to flex your family bonding skills. Did you know your sister could count to ten in Mandarin? Well, now you do! You may learn intriguing things you never took the time to realise before, and it’s all thanks to the fact you were imprisoned together. It could bring out new found affection for one another as you help each other through the puzzles, so it’s perfect for bickering siblings that you can’t get in a room together otherwise.

An obvious point, but escape rooms are warm and dry. In the middle of Autumn, when it’s torrential rains and a temperature in the negatives, you can always count on your local Escape Game business to provide a nice respite for at least an hour.

So ditch the scarves and umbrellas this autumn and join us at The Real Escape to experience a once-in-a-lifetime game that the whole family is sure to love! Book now!