We all have memories of shouting at our TV screens in the 90s. We shouted in excitement about the solutions to the clues that the contestants failed to get. The show was Crystal Maze. And it was awesome. With Richard O’Brien’s mesmerizing presence and the show’s inventive scope and grand scale, it had everything that appealed to our young and budding imaginations.

But we don’t have to live in the past now. We can experience the thrill, the excitement, and the exhilaration again. How, you ask? Well, the Crystal Maze is coming back!

Yes! You read that right. The cult classic Channel 4 game show is about to hit our screens once more. No, O’Brien won’t be coming back as the host. But hey, in the recent special, Stephen Merchant proved to us that the formula can be just as successful today as it was back then. And, this time around, the Maze Master would be The IT Crowd’s Richard Ayoade.

The Format

To refresh your memories, here’s some information about the game’s format. The show had teams of five contestants who had to make their way through the maze and unlock the doors by solving the clues scattered around the maze.

There were four themed areas called The Aztec, Future, Medieval, and Industrial zones. And the challenges included a range of activities that tested the mental and physical fortitude of the contestants.

How we are Similar

If you want to relive the fun and excitement of the Crystal Maze in real life, instead of TV, The Real Escape is the place for you. Like the show, we welcome teams of contestants to use their intellect to get out of situations in which they’re trapped.

Like the Crystal Maze, we have a range of rooms with clues scattered around. The challenge begins once you and your team are locked in one of the rooms. From then on, you need to work on the clues to be able to find a way out.

We also have separate themed areas for a more immersive experience, just like the show. Here are the three rooms we offer:

Dr. Ryddle’s Memories

Find what it likes to enter the mind of a twisted genius. Discover what it takes to escape from it. With an hour on the clock, it’s a breathtaking race against time.

The Guardians of the Elixir

When you enter The Guardians of the Elixir, you leave the Earth and all your pre-conceived notions behind. You enter the wormhole to face 22 challenges in an hour. The goal is to return back with the Elixir of Immortality. So are you ready?

The Chamber of the Deep

Experience the life of a pirate when you enter the Captain’s Cabin. As soon as the door is locked, you’re immersed in world of a shipwreck buried deep within the ocean. Do you have what it takes to get out?

How we’re different

The Real Escape offers the same thrill and the excitement as the Crystal Maze, just without the lights, cameras, and the national attention. It’s a place to relax and hang out with your friends and family or work or school buddies.

If you live in London, you can book tickets to the real life Crystal Maze without the lights and cameras. The facility will also soon be available for people in Manchester. However, those in Portsmouth who can’t visit either of the two places should visit The Real Escape.

Another reason to fancy a trip to The Real Escape in Portsmouth is that the activities here aren’t as physically challenging as the Crystal Maze. So if you aren’t a fan of running around and want to test your mental capabilities, this is the place for you!

The challenges are an hour long and are more enjoyable and complicated than the ones you’ve seen on the show. And you have plenty of time to figure out a solution.
So book your game today and test your team performance skills. We are also happy to host corporate events, birthday parties, hen parties, or stag nights. For more information, click here.