Have you ever wanted to lock yourself up with your friends, family or colleagues for fun?

What a crazy idea!!

Well if you have ever been to a live exit game anywhere around the world then you’ll understand that escaping from a room is much more than craziness.

Live escape room games can actually easily become an addiction!

You really want to know why?!

Well let’s start at the very beginning…

slide3_key_600x338…suddenly and voluntarily you’re locked in a room … the clock starts ticking … you have no idea what to do, so you start moving around in the room … you’re searching for clues … and then a couple of minutes later you laughingly exclaim that you’ve found something!!! … however, you still don’t know what to do … but your friends have just found some other clues so you can all start to think and work together … once you’ve solved the first clue you are getting more excited … the clock is ticking … by working together you manage to go on and solve many more clues … you are amazingly excited at this point! … however, still trapped in the room … but as you’re in the flow you get more energy to go on with the puzzles … and wow … now you’re getting there … your group is slowly becoming a real team … you’re amazed by the tricks … and by putting the pieces together you become enlightened … the time is almost over … as the clock is ticking you get an extreme adrenaline rush close to the end … every second you’re getting closer to the solution … and suddenly you solve the last riddle … you’re actually thinking your way out … and by working together you’ve found the key… the door opens wide … you survived … what a relief!


Let’s have a glimpse at a real conversation at The Real Escape just after a team escaped from The Chamber of the Deep:

You: ‘Really? We escaped?! Did we make it on time?’
Game master: ‘Yes, you escaped, with seven seconds left on the clock…’
You: ‘…can’t believe we were inside for almost an hour, it seemed so much quicker … do you have any other rooms? We definitely want to come back!’
Game master: ‘We are in the middle of developing more escape rooms on Commercial Road in Portsmouth … we’ll update you once ready.’

tre_keyThe Real Escape opened its first live escape room on 19 March in Portsmouth.

The Real Escape’s first game is The Chamber of the Deep, inspired by Portsmouth’s maritime history and full of mysterious, nautical themes.
We can’t give too much away because we’ll spoil the game – but what you really need is skill, determination and willpower to be able to open the door.

The Real Escape has reached 500 likes on Facebook, so we would like to thank all of you who gave us a like and also for the great reviews! The Real Escape started from #22 and moved up to #1 on TripAdvisor in just one single week!


We can’t wait to welcome more and more players as Portsmouth’s first live escape game becomes generally known in the city and also in Hampshire at large.

You can do so many fantastic things in Portsmouth, from abseiling down the Spinnaker Tower to going round in circles on the Solent Wheel.

Have a look at this article: 10 incredible things you’ve never done in Portsmouth – it is indeed incredible!
Which one would you try?
Is The Real Escape the ‘one to tick off the bucket list’!

Try yourself, at the Solent’s first live exit game!
Go beyond your limits and let your imagination fly with your teammates in the centre of Portsmouth by locking yourself and your mates up at The Real Escape!
Immerse yourself in The Chamber of the Deep

…and remember———–>