Escape rooms are an exciting and rewarding endeavour, but they’re not a challenge to be taken lightly. These games are a fully immersive experience that will require you to mentally push yourself to solve a multitude of puzzles in a short space of time. While, of course, this can be an extremely fun experience, here are 6 things to consider carefully before playing your escape room.

Have you assembled the right team?

You never know what you’ll be faced with inside a room, so it’s good to be prepared for anything. Think about the skills people bring that could help you inside the game – do you have a family member with strong math skills? Or maybe a friend who can name all the World Capitals in alphabetical order? The team you take into your escape room can be the make or break of your game. Obviously, you won’t be taking your mortal enemy in there with you, but even a friend with a short temper could hinder your efforts. You will be locked in the room for a whole hour with the people you choose, so it’s worth more than a passing thought.

Are you a team player?

As well as finding the right team, think about your place in the team – will you be able to work well with the people you play with? Are you able to make a fair contribution, or, alternatively, not take over all the work? Escape games require a lot of team work, and each individual’s efforts make a difference. Listen to each other, work together and help each other make it an experience you’ll all love. Make sure you’ll be up for working with other people for an hour, or it can be quite frustrating for the players around you.

Are you a critical thinker?

Escape games can be home to a huge variety of puzzles – and not all will be simple or straightforward. Whether it’s a cleverly worded riddle or a well-hidden key, try to think outside the box. Most escape rooms will try to challenge all of your mental abilities, as well as your critical thinking skills. But not all puzzles will try to trick you! Don’t get caught up thinking too abstractly – the answer may be the most obvious one…it’s all about your ability to find it.

Do you have the right energy?

Being locked in room with a small group of people can be strenuous at the best of times, but when you’re faced with an array of challenges, it can really take it out of you. It won’t be fun for you or the people you’re playing with if you’re bored or grumpy halfway through the game. Escape games are once-in-a-lifetime experiences, but they’re not for everyone. Consider whether you will truly be excited to play and enjoy your time in an escape room.

Are you ready for the time commitment?

An escape game isn’t just 60 minutes inside a room. It’s a briefing, debriefing and travel time as well. It’s curtesy to arrive at least 10 minutes before your allotted time at your escape room. Most escape rooms will have a health and safety briefing beforehand for your own safety, and some might have a more extravagant introduction, if it’s a themed game. Turning up late can make it hard for your Game Master to reset the room and get it ready for the game after yours in time. And it’s best not to make plans directly after your booked time – there’s always the possibility you won’t escape within the hour, or your Game Masters may want to chat with you about your experience. Make sure you leave about 30 minutes after your games scheduled ending time for anything that may happen.

Are you up for the challenge?

Escape rooms are, first and foremost, games, but they’re also made to challenge you. There may be puzzles you can’t solve, clues you don’t understand, or keys you can’t find. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a go! The point of an escape room is to challenge yourselves, and sometimes failing is part of that experience. Don’t get too disheartened and most importantly, don’t give up!


If you’ve taken these things into account, you should be more than ready to come and enjoy your escape room. Being aptly prepared for your experience will bring out the best in it, and help you treasure your game.