An escape room is a game, a challenge, a personal test of mental strength and skill. There are many methods that can help you achieve success – here are some tried and tested ways that can assure you will escape your escape game;


A sharp pair of eyes in an escape game is essential. The first thing you’ll notice in many escape rooms is how much there is to do! Little artefacts to examine, notes to read and, of course, clues to discover and solve. Have a keen eye out for any hidden secrets. Everything in the room is there for a reason so remember to search vigorously!

Also remember to read and re-read any clue, puzzle or hint, to make sure you’re getting the correct information! Anything misread can be the downfall of your game!


You enter the room as a team and must be a team to escape. Remember to keep the information flowing amongst yourselves to maximise efficiency and get everyone involved. When more minds think together, the answer will appear quicker and clearly than if a single person attempts it. And it’s always better when everyone can enjoy the game in its entirety!


Almost everything you’ll find in an exit room is vital information for you to make your cunning escape. If you lose an important puzzle piece, it can grind your game to a disappointing halt. So, it’s always best to keep track of what you’ve collected, and where you’ve found it. You’ll never know when it might be useful!


Many escape rooms have many different puzzles you and your team can be working on at a time inside the room. Keep your teammates on what they can do best, in order to boost the efficiency of your game. If you get stuck for a significant amount of time, switch it up! Turn your mind to another puzzle, or carrying on searching for more clues. Becoming bored or frustrated with a puzzle can take the fun right out of it, so get the excitement heightened and try a bit of everything!


Nearly every escape room has a hint system in place, in order to help you when you’re stuck. They can be in-person assistance, computer monitor clues or sometimes even walkie-talkie communication. No matter the way, utilise this system! The people behind the cameras are there to help you, and they’ll be able to pick your game right back up if you’re in need of help.