Escape rooms are fun, challenging, exciting, immersive; a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that a whole group of people can experience together. While locked in a room together, having only each other’s skills and wits to get you out, roles start to form and each person finds their own place within the team.


From every group, no matter the size or origin, there will emerge a leader. A person who steps forward and takes charge, who keeps everyone going on the right track and towards victory. This person may not be the one who’s best at the game, but simply the one who is willing to keep everyone focussed and organised.


The Expert in the group is the one who seems to have a keen sense for the most niche of puzzles. Whether it’s solving pictorial equations or knowledge of the streets of Japan, these people somehow know how to do it. Their unusual knowledge is an exciting and welcome surprise, and helps out on things you never would have guessed otherwise.


Think, think, think. The Thinkers of the group consider every possible outcome to a puzzle. Inside, outside, below, above – they’ll think all over the box before coming up with their solution. These types of people like to have all the facts before coming to a conclusion, and usually helps save time by not taking random chances.


The Explorer is usually the first one to get the lay of the land. When they first step into the room, they’re looking around for everything and anything that’s not screwed down. They’re interested in every nook and corner of the room. Working closely with the Leader, the Explorer is invaluable to the team as they’re the one who uncovers most of the clues.


The team’s personal cheerleader. The Encourager keeps the whole team motivated by praising them when their right and comforting them when they’re wrong. Whether you’re behind time or breaking records, the Encourager keeps a positive attitude and always makes sure that the rest of the team are enjoying their experience as much as they are.


It won’t look like the Observer is doing much, but they’re actually planning out the room and the puzzles to get a better understanding of them. While everyone else is rooting around, they’re getting their own best experience by coming to terms with what’s in front of them, and developing a stronger idea before announcing their thoughts. Their careful observation may very well be the key to solving the final puzzle and escaping!


The Distractor is one player who truly makes the experience. An excitable, child-like player, they dive head first into the game and are just happy to be there. Sometimes they seem like they’re wasting time, but they’re actually highlighting important aspects of the game. The Leader and the Distractor make a pro team to get the game moving along.


Everything is important to an Over-Thinker. Every number, every picture, every sound is a valuable clue. They’re pulling everything together to make sense of the game, not letting anything slip past their eagle-eyed gaze. While many may think this player is the biggest setback in the group due to time wasted on the wrong answer, Over-Thinkers are actually one of the biggest assets! They have many ways of looking and thinking about a single puzzle and are sure to get you the right answer!


There is one goal and one goal only for the Competitor – to escape, and to do it fast. These people can be sort of a whirlwind in the room, going to the edge of hysteria in their enthusiasm to complete the room. They are confident by nature, not being afraid to go to any length to solve a puzzle – whether it be by brains or force. While their approach may seem destructive, it’s actually a solid attitude to keep the whole team determined and motivated.


The Panicker is the one who feels most immersed in the game, taking the theme to heart and feeling every emotional ride in the story. While escape rooms are just games to most, Panickers make it feel real. They notice every tick of the clock, are pained by every wrong answer, and are the most excitable players to take into the room with you. However, accumulating a whole team of Panickers can be tricky – it’s best to take a Leader or Observer in to keep a clear head and organise the group.

There is no winning combination of players to make the perfect team, although some characters do work better together than others. The only thing a team needs to work is a strong sense of comradery and determination.

Which type of player do you think you are? A level-headed leader? An analytical over-thinker? A fun-filled distractor? Book a game at The Real Escape and find out for yourself!