One is never short of excuses to go and visit their local escape room. To celebrate, to commiserate, or just to communicate, there’s countless reasons to get you and your friends stuck into the challenge.


Escape rooms are the perfect bonding experience for friends and family. Whether it’s with distant relations or people you see every day, playing an exit game together can become one of the best experiences you share. The forced enclosure with one another and time limit means that there’s no chance of having to cut your time together short. Even after the 60 minutes game time, you’ll now have plenty to discuss about your game. With everyone’s separate and busy lives, escape rooms offer a singular goal that everyone can work towards – together.


These games are great to test the team strength of your business, company or organisation. Whether you have a small group of employees or a whole host of them, an escape game can test all of their important skills simultaneously. If you’re looking to improve organisation, communication, or leadership, it’s the only activity you’ll need. Read more about corporate team building in our post, [insert blog link “TEAM BUILDING AT THE REAL ESCAPE” here]


Spending time with your significant other is an important part of your life, and we understand that you’ll want something new and exciting for your special date nights; a time that you can both remember and cherish together. Locked in a room together, with just each other’s wits to get out, having your date night at the escape room is a personal bonding experience that you just can’t get anywhere else.


Every birthday is a special event, so why not celebrate in unique style with an escape game? It’s a party like no other, combining the skills of you and your closest friends and family to work together and escape! It’s a fantastic pre-birthday meal activity, as it works up your appetite and gives you something exciting to talk about over lunch.


Hen Dos or Stag Dos, escape games can be an amazing celebration surprise. Give the spouse-to-be training for their future marriage with tricky problems to navigate their way out of!…Just kidding! Escape rooms are a unique present for any bride or groom, a once-in-a-lifetime experience to commemorate the wonderful occasion!


Escape games can be an exceptional hobby to get yourselves into. Always training your mind and honing your skills can prepare you for so much more in the real world. All the manner of skills you will use in an escape room can prove useful to everyday life; abstract thinking, organisation, teamwork. It’s an unusual pastime that makes your life that little bit more interesting.


Everyone loves a bit of healthy competition! Between friends or family, competing against each other through an escape game can be the ultimate challenge of skills and wits. With each team playing a different room, every player will get their own excitement and feeling of accomplishment, as you’ll only find out the winner at the end… By racing not only against the clock but each other, you get the most thrilling experience out of the games. It’s a different twist on the classic competitions between those closest to you, and the winner will get bragging rights for years to come!


When you haven’t seen someone in forever, the greatest thing you can find out is how far they’ve come in life. The skills and knowledge they’ve picked up, and what kind of person they’ve become. Playing an escape room is a great way to find all this out. A different way to catch-up, the challenges you will face together will present the opportunity to see each-others newest skills, while the pressure of the game will reveal how their personality has changed…


Sometimes, having the same old routine can dull the mind. And sometimes, you need to shake things up a bit. Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself with a range of puzzles that will test all your senses and logic. Dust off the neural cobwebs and gets the cogs turning again with a brain-stimulating, fully immersive live-action exit game. Everyone needs something different every now and then, and an escape room is the ideal place to rejuvenate your mind.


Escape games are fun! They’re a unique and exciting experience that are enjoyable for people of all ages and abilities, and definitely something you should try. You shouldn’t need an excuse to come and play an escape room – the main reason should be “Why Not?!”